What is the Wings Prison Program?

Wings Vision Statement:

Christís unconditional love shared with all families of prisoners.

Wings Mission Statement:

Wings For LIFE International brings families of prisoners & volunteers together as children of God by:
  • Building relationships that transform the lives of families, volunteers & congregations.
  • Conducting joyous celebrations of Christís unconditional love that break down barriers.
  • Providing interdenominational mission opportunities for congregations worldwide.

The structure of a Wings Family Day comes from Acts 2:42

"And they were continually devoting themselves to the apostles" --- teaching interactive Bible story and to fellowship games, crafts, discussion to the breaking of bread pizza and cookies and to prayer." singing of praise/worship songs and a prayer circle at the end of the Family Day

Wings is a focused ministry outreach for family members of inmates that is supported by Prison Fellowship, Operation Starting Line, Guideposts Magazine, and many different congregations, denominations, and individuals.

It is important for Wings to be ecumenically based. Wings volunteers are caring youth and adults from area congregations that help with Prison Fellowship's Angel Tree, Operation Starting Line, are involved with a LOGOS Ministry/GenOn church, and/or have a special call to this specialized ministry. Wings will be more effective if there are representatives from various denominations and many different geographic areas represented. The goal is for congregations large and small, suburban and inner city, to work and minister together. This strengthens the Christian community in an area. Both guests and volunteers gain from seeing Christians working together in a positive way. The goal of the Wings Family Day is NOT to gain members for a particular congregation or denomination, but to reflect Christís unconditional love to all in attendance and to help the guests find a welcoming faith community in their neighborhood.

The Wings Family Day model is similar to intergenerational programs that are fun, active, and get all participants involved. Times of the year to consider are Christmas, Easter, and back-to-school. Wings has chosen these specific times of year as this is often when families are searching for a place to worship. However, any time of year that fits into the prison schedule should be considered, including Valentineís Day, Motherís Day, Fatherís Day, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Fall Festival, or any other day that is special to your prison or fits the prison schedule.

How to Find Wings Volunteers in Your Community

The heart of Wings is caring volunteers. Anyone usually over 18 who passes a prison NCIC or background check can be a Wings volunteer. Volunteers of all ages and talents will enrich the ministry.

Contacting the following people will be important for you as you begin to build a supportive network for the Wings Prison Family Day. It will be best to find a small, dedicated group of volunteers who see this ministry as a long-term commitment.
  1. Contact the Warden and Chaplain at the prison.
  2. Contact the Corrections Department Religious Service Director.
  3. Contact key volunteers and organizations who already work in the prison system. (Ex. Prison Fellowship, Operation Starting Line, and Kairos Ministry.)
  4. Contact the closest Council of Churches director. Share the Wings Prison Family Day with them and write an article about Wings for their next newsletter or mailing to all the churches.
  5. Contact the Prison Fellowship Area Director for your state. Call Prison Fellowship at 1-703-478-0100 for the Director closest to you. www.prisonfellowship.org
  6. Visit: www.WingsForLIFEInternational.org
    Email: Info@WingsForLIFEInternational.org
    Call: 505-291-6412

Want to Help? Volunteers Needed!
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Our Scheduled Workshops, Family Days & Community Events

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